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Atari 2600 5200 7800 Linx
Panasonic 3DO FZ1 FZ10

Free Atari rom Emulator for PPC (PocketPC)

Pocket VCS
FREE Atari 2600 emulator for the PocketPCpocket vcs atari emulator download
90% of available roms are supported

Pocket VCS Features include:

- All types of Atari rom are supported
- Complete emulator software installation including the profile file for all known roms.
- Compatible with Stella.pro rom files - Use your existing one!
- Compressed (.zip) atari rom support, as well as .bin files and .a26 roms
- Freely settable controls are 2 joysticks, 4 paddles, 2 keypads, 1 driving controller, and all console functions
Save/ Load and Pause features.
- Custom profile support allows the user to save ALL Emulator settings individually for EVERY rom. This includes controls, speed, settings, etc.
- Onscreen controls for Select, Reset, Pause, and controllers (selectable), as well as every control assignable to keys.
- Independent sound volume control (not using PDA fixed volume)
- Complete graphical menu system with friendly interface and quick help on initial run
- Advanced emulation display interface with controls for adjusting the video quality of each game, independent of skip frame settings.
- Landscape (Left, Right) and portrait modes supported.. Auto rotate of joystick controls for landscape modes.

Download free Atari Emulator here (PocketPC)

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Atari emulator for playing roms from atari 2600 7800 st free 800 and atari lynx emulator - but it can not play jaguar games.



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